Merton School District


Survey Highlights: 

  • This district has no system for career salary advancement for its professional educators and we are unaware of any immediate plans to establish one. Educators in this school district have no way of knowing what salary increases, if any, they will receive in future years.


  • This district has a track record of occasionally pursuing the non-renewal of teachers' contracts, based on performance, with little prior warning and no opportunity for the teacher to improve.


  • This district requires teachers to complete a full summative evaluation each year, creating signficantly more work for teachers than districts with the more common 3 year DPI summative requirement.


Salary Comparison

Starting SalaryCareer Maximum SalaryYears to Reach Maximum SalaryPre Act 10 Career Maximum Salary
1. This district has a written system for career salary advancement that is objective, predictable, and attainable by all teachers.
1. Before deciding to non-renew or terminate a teacher, this district always gives significant advance notice of any deficiencies and the opportunity and support to improve their performance
2. This district has a seniority based layoff procedure, rather than unpredictable subjective judgment.
3. This district has recall rights for teachers to return to their jobs after being laid off.
4. This district has "just cause" language for teacher discipline, non-renewal, and termination
5. This district allows teachers to appeal discipline, non-renewal, and termination decisions to an impartial arbitrator or judge.
1. This district provides time and resources on scheduled in-service days to help teachers meet state and district educator accountability requirements, including SLO's and PPG's.
2. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher preparation time.
3. This district has increased the length of the teacher work day without additional compensation.
4. This district has increased the number of required work days in the contracted year without additional compensation.
5. This district has made significant changes to health insurance benefits that have negatively impacted teachers by requiring either higher co-pays and premiums and/or reductions in scope and level of coverage.
6. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher retirement benefits promised to teachers as an incentive for remaining in this district for their career.
7. This district has reduced or eliminated sick leave benefits and/or accumulated sick leave.

Additional Information Regarding This School District: 

This district currently requires that all teachers become Level 1 Google certified.

Dr. Ron Russ, Superintendent of the Merton School District provided the following additional information & clarification in an email dated 6/21/2016.  We thank Dr. Russ taking the time to email us.

  • We do not have a pay for performance/career ladder system. Since 2012, we have reached a voluntary agreement with our teacher's union, with salary increase each year. Teachers are able to see their compensation as the increases each year have been between 1.2%-3% depending on their years of experience, education, etc... The Board has also implemented (since 2011) a $6,000 yearly stipend for teachers obtaining a Master's degree.


  • The district has not non-renewed a teacher since 2013. Each of the teachers that were non-renewed were given more notice than what is required by law.


  • We have non-renewal and lay off procedures in our handbook. Seniority is one of the steps to that procedure.  (Editor's note:  Seniority is the last of several factors listed in the handbook)


  • There is "just-cause" language for teacher discipline and termination (in the handbook). Non-renewal has steps we follow. (Editor's Note:  Actually there is "cause" language in the handbook, BIG difference legally)


  • Teachers have all the appeal rights per state statute. (Editor's note:  Basically minimal appeal rights since Act 10.)


  • Preparation Time:  The district now has an equitable preparation time across the entire district. Primary teachers have more since 2011, while Intermediate teachers have less. Again, there was an inequity in the organization.


  • We did require teachers to work 3 additional days each year to meet the professional development needs of the district. Each teacher received an additional Personal Day per year, so the total increase in contracted work days was 2 total.


  • Health Care:  Up until 2015, the same deductibles and coverages was the same as in 2011. In 2015, the district changed plans and raised the deductible, but lowered premiums. The district gave 6 months notice for people to plan accordingly. Prior to 2011, teachers paid 0% of the premium, now teachers pay 12.4% of the premium. Next year, the district is moving back to WEA as the health insurance carrier. No changes in coverage.


  • Retirement:  Since 2011, the District has offered teachers who are 55 years of age or older & 12 or more years of experience 1% of their highest salary for 60 months to be deposited into a 403(b), plus initial deposits (varied, depending on retirement year). Beginning in 2016, based on experience with the district, teachers will be given a lump sum of money into their 403(b) accounts, (ranging from $500-$3,000). The district will then place an additional $500 into each teacher's account and deposit an additional $250 if the teacher also deposits $250.


  • We did require teachers to become Google Level 1 certified this year. Teachers were given 2 professional days and $400 to become certified. They could earn an additional $500 if they achieved their Level 2 certification. Our Technology Integration teacher committee recommended that all teachers become certified.


District Required Educator Effectiveness Worklload

Number of SLO's per YearNumber of PPG's per YearLength of Summative Evaluation Cycle
111 year


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