Mequon Thiensville School District


Survey Highlights: 

Based on the history of how the District administration treats teachers in this district, the lack of a predictable salary structure, and the poor treatment of a 20 year veteran teacher with an outstanding record of service and teaching excellence,  we would strongly advise teachers considering employment in this district to exercise extreme caution. As evidenced by the high number of vacancies posted on WECAN in 2016, this district appears to have one of the highest turnover rates of districts we monitor in southeastern Wisconsin. 


More Information About the Mequon Thiensville School District:


  • This district does have a written document describing a system for salary increases. But the system is not a clear, predictable salary path and likely most teachers will not get to the top salaries. Educators in this school district have no way of knowing what salary increases, if any, they will receive in future years.


  • This district recently pursued the termination of a teacher on the basis of one unsubstantiated parent complaint. While the teacher was prevented by the District from publicly defending herself and her reputation while on suspension, the Superintendent of this District was a guest on right wing talk radio shows discussing confidential details of the allegations against this teacher. Investigative case files released by the District showed that there were several public allegations by the Superintendent regarding this teacher's conduct that were not backed up with evidence collected during the District's investigation.Though the teacher and the District reached a voluntary separation agreement, we think that it is very important to note that the Mequon Thiensville School District pursued termination of a 20 year veteran teacher with a solid employment record based on one parent complaint.


  • Prior to the disgraceful incident described above, this district has had a track record of occasionally pursuing the non-renewal of teachers' contracts, based on performance, with little prior warning and no chance for the teacher to improve. 


  • This district requires teachers to complete 2 SLOs and 2 PPG's every year, creating substantially more work for educators than is required by the DPI.


Salary Comparison

Starting SalaryCareer Maximum SalaryYears to Reach Maximum SalaryPre Act 10 Career Maximum Salary
1. This district has a written system for career salary advancement that is objective, predictable, and attainable by all teachers.
1. Before deciding to non-renew or terminate a teacher, this district always gives significant advance notice of any deficiencies and the opportunity and support to improve their performance
2. This district has a seniority based layoff procedure, rather than unpredictable subjective judgment.
3. This district has recall rights for teachers to return to their jobs after being laid off.
4. This district has "just cause" language for teacher discipline, non-renewal, and termination
5. This district allows teachers to appeal discipline, non-renewal, and termination decisions to an impartial arbitrator or judge.
1. This district provides time and resources on scheduled in-service days to help teachers meet state and district educator accountability requirements, including SLO's and PPG's.
2. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher preparation time.
3. This district has increased the length of the teacher work day without additional compensation.
4. This district has increased the number of required work days in the contracted year without additional compensation.
5. This district has made significant changes to health insurance benefits that have negatively impacted teachers by requiring either higher co-pays and premiums and/or reductions in scope and level of coverage.
6. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher retirement benefits promised to teachers as an incentive for remaining in this district for their career.
7. This district has reduced or eliminated sick leave benefits and/or accumulated sick leave.

Additional Information Regarding This School District: 

The district recently announced that it is redesigning its salary system, following a survey by the local teachers' association showing that the system is highly unpopular among district teachers and is likely contributing to staff turnover. The new system may be an improvement, but was created with practically no input from teachers. It also appears to base pay increases on subjective factors such that a teacher has no way of knowing what her salary will be in future years.

District Required Educator Effectiveness Worklload

Number of SLO's per YearNumber of PPG's per YearLength of Summative Evaluation Cycle
22Three Years


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