Cedarburg School District


Survey Highlights: 

  • This district has a very subjective pay for performance system. Increases are based on evaluations conducted by administration. Bonuses (meaning non-permanent one time payments) are also given for teachers rated effective, highly effective, and distinguished.


  • This district has a track record of pursuing the non-renewal of teachers' contracts with little warning and without first giving the teachers detailed notification of alleged performance issues, the time and opportunity to address the alleged problems, and the supports necessary to succeed in the position. 


Salary Comparison

Starting SalaryCareer Maximum SalaryYears to Reach Maximum SalaryPre Act 10 Career Maximum Salary
1. This district has a written system for career salary advancement that is objective, predictable, and attainable by all teachers.
2. This district's system for career salary advancement is clear and objective, rather than based on periodic subjective judgments.
3. This district's system of career salary advancement includes merit pay or performance pay.
4. This District's system of career salary advancement includes student test scores
5. This district's system of career salary advancement is predictable.
6. All teachers are able to attain the highest career salaries in the district.
7. This district's system of career salary advancement is based on experience and educational level attained
1. Before deciding to non-renew or terminate a teacher, this district always gives significant advance notice of any deficiencies and the opportunity and support to improve their performance
2. This district has a seniority based layoff procedure, rather than unpredictable subjective judgment.
3. This district has recall rights for teachers to return to their jobs after being laid off.
4. This district has "just cause" language for teacher discipline, non-renewal, and termination
5. This district allows teachers to appeal discipline, non-renewal, and termination decisions to an impartial arbitrator or judge.
1. This district provides time and resources on scheduled in-service days to help teachers meet state and district educator accountability requirements, including SLO's and PPG's.
2. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher preparation time.
3. This district has increased the length of the teacher work day without additional compensation.
4. This district has increased the number of required work days in the contracted year without additional compensation.
5. This district has made significant changes to health insurance benefits that have negatively impacted teachers by requiring either higher co-pays and premiums and/or reductions in scope and level of coverage.
6. This district has reduced or eliminated teacher retirement benefits promised to teachers as an incentive for remaining in this district for their career.
7. This district has reduced or eliminated sick leave benefits and/or accumulated sick leave.

Additional Information Regarding This School District: 

In compiling the information for this website, we have reviewed approximately 70 Employment Handbooks for Teachers from throughout southeastern Wisconsin.  Cedarburg's handbook is unique in devoting an entire page (p.29) in a 34 page handbook to specifically addressing a significant number of addtional duties expected of teachers above and beyond their normal teaching duties. The title of p.29 is "Responsibilities At No Additional Compensation".

The first paragraph of p.29 of the Cedarburg handbook is entitled "Hours of Work". In bold letters, this section begins, "the expectation that Professional Educators attend meetings, perform duties, and meet responsibilities outside of the typical workday is in no way meant to be unduly burdensome or unreasonable". The section continues, "Highly compensated, exempt Professionals in other occupations often work what are considered to be "long" hours as required to meet the expectation of the position, whether due to the time of the year, individual responsibilities, unusual circumstances or the nature of specific projects/assignments. In the event a professional responsibility requires an unusually extreme amount of time, an employee may request additional compensation from the appropriate administrator. When such circumstances can be anticipated, requests for additional compensation should be made prior to the meeting/activity/event. Additional compensation is not guaranteed in any case."

Based on our review of those 70 or so handbooks, it would appear that Cedarburg has one of the highest expectations of additional work (without additional compensation) for teachers above and beyond the normal teacher workload/courseload. According to the handbook, all Cedarburg teachers are required to:

  • Participate in a District level Curriculum Development committee.
  • Participate in IEP planning meetings and actual IEP meetings as scheduled.
  • Teachers are required to attend and provide supervision at a minimum of 2 school or district events scheduled beyond the school day.
  • Teachers may be assigned additional duties, including supervison assignments at the discretion of the principal.


The Cedarburg School District also has one of the highest fee schedules assessed to teachers who wish to leave the district and be released from a signed teaching contract. The contract break fee schedule for Cedarburg is as follows:

  • Resignations 6/15-7/1  $700     penalty
  • Resignations 7/2-8/1    $1000   penalty
  • Resignations after 8/2   $3,000  penalty

District Required Educator Effectiveness Worklload

Number of SLO's per YearNumber of PPG's per YearLength of Summative Evaluation Cycle
113 years


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