Mainstream Wisconsin Newspapers & Radio Cultivate Disrespect Towards Teachers

Scott Walker's Politics of Resentment has deeply woven teacher bashing into the fabric of Walker's Wisconsin culture. This is the result of over twenty years of nonstop teacher bashing by right wing talk radio that dominates Wisconsin greater than most states in America.

In many areas of Wisconsin, the majority of residents routinely rip teachers in casual everyday conversations as "moochers, cochroaches, takers, lazy, fat pigs, thugs, stupid, dumb, parasites, and even more derogatory terms that are used to attack teachers 24/7 on AM talk radio stations across Wisconsin.

Teachers across Wisconsin must endure this toxic, disrespectful environment both in their workplace and in their daily lives in many communities across Walker's Wisconsin. The disrespect towards teachers that begins at home with the parents constantly ripping the "overpaid, lazy, stupid, parasite teachers" often spills into the school environment where students have little respect for the authority of teachers whom they hear their parents ripping every day. While there is teacher bashing that goes on in every state, in Walker's Wisconsin the right wing has taken organized, coordinated attacks on teachers to a much higher level in support of Governor Walker.

With a severe teacher shortage in Walker's Wisconsin, many school districts are now recruiting new teachers from other states. One of the selling points that some districts are using is that Wisconsin is a "nice place to teach and raise a family".

We think that these new recruits should see the real story of teaching and living as a teacher in Walker's Wisconsin before uprooting their families and moving.


Right Wing Radio Hates on Teachers 70+ Hours Each Week in Walker's Wisconsin.  Here's Just a Few Links to Radio Hosts That Encourage the Widespread Hatred of Teachers Across Walker's Wisconsin:


Example #1:  Mark Belling Uses a case of sexual misconduct at a private religious school to rip public school teachers.

Example #2:  Mark Belling calls all Wisconsin public school teachers unprofessional union hacks.



Pro-Walker Newspapers Provide Platform for Teacher Bashing

Since Governor Walker's election in 2010, most of the mainstream newspapers have been solid supporters of Governor Walker's agenda to demonize teachers and destroy teachers unions in Wisconsin. Both Gannett and the Journal Sentinel media groups provided favorable coverage towards advancing Governor Walker's Anti-Teacher agenda, including endorsing him in every election. 

Here's one example of the harassment that teachers in Wisconsin continue to endure from media support of Governor Walker's agenda to demonize teachers. An estimated 5,000 of these fliers were inserted into a Sunday edition of the Janesville Gazette in 2012. The Janesville Gazette newspaper has been a strong supporter of Governor Walker since his election, but would NOT take responsibility for the insertion of this flier into 5,000 Sunday newspapers. 

The intent of this insert was to harass Janesville teachers who signed a petition to recall Governor Walker. The flier included the names and salaries of teachers who signed the recall petition, and urged parents to call the Janesville Superintendent of schools to have their children removed from these teachers' classrooms. Sadly for Wisconsin's teachers, this attack on Janesville teachers was NOT an isolated incidence. Teachers in many other communities across Walker's Wisconsin continue to bear the brunt of attacks like this.

Even in 2017, teachers in communities across Wisconsin are still being subjected to employment harassment and discrimination for signing a Walker recall petition or just having the wrong candidate's campaign sign on their front yard.  

Anti Teacher Flier