Walker Demonstration Districts

Across Wisconsin, there are certain school districts that have so completely embraced Scott Walker's politics of resentment in their treatment of teachers, we like to call these districts, "Walker Demonstration Districts".  We understand that by recognizing these districts, District administrators will react with extreme pride and happiness that their governing style and management practices have been favorably likened to the greatest Governor in America, Governor Scott Walker.

In southeastern Wisconsin, there are several districts where administrator management practices are very Walker-like.

In our opinion, the Brown Deer School District, is the best example of a Walker Demonstration District.

Since Act 10, the Brown Deer School District has completely embraced Governor Walker's Politics of Resentment towards teachers. The Brown Deer School District has significantly reduced the quality and scope of many benefits for teachers, including health insurance, negotiated district retirement benefits, while requiring teachers to pay a much larger percentage of the cost of these benefits. The Brown Deer School District has added more days to the contracted school year without additional pay, increased the teaching hours per day, and cut preparation time. Please reference the Brown Deer School District page in the District Information section of this website to see the many changes that District Administration has made that has negatively impacted teachers' compensation, benefits, working conditions, and employment security since Act 10 took effect.

Earning it's title as a "Walker Demonstration District" District administrators appear to apply a simple management paradigm to every situation involving teachers.

The phrase, "What Would Scott Walker Do? " seems to be applied to nearly every personnel related decision made by administrators in the Brown Deer School District.

Governor Walker himself has recognized the Brown Deer School District for their Walker-like treatment of school teachers. Earlier in 2016, Governor Walker praised Brown Deer District administration for the severe cuts to teacher compensation and benefits that this district has made, as well as the overall treatment of teachers in this district.  Governor Walker is a frequent visitor to this school district as the management philosophy of Brown Deer district administration is consistent with Governor Walker's attitude towards public employees in general, and teachers in particular.

Here's the link to a press release issued by Governor Walker's office on March 8, 2016 that lauded the actions of the Brown Deer School District and specifically cited the effforts of the Brown Deer Superintendent for using the "tools" of Act 10 to reduce teacher compensation, benefits, and employment conditions.

Read more at: http://walker.wi.gov/newsroom/press-release/governor-scott-walker-highli...




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