Only 9% of Parents Would Encourage Children Talented in STEM To Become Teachers

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted that only 9% of parents would encourage their children to become a teacher in a STEM field. Parents cited low pay and terrible working conditions as the reason why they would counsel their children to avoid being a science, math, or technical education teacher. This survey was not state specific, but if a similar survey were done just in Walker's Wisconsin, we think that the percentage would be much lower than 9%. Maybe closer to 1%.

Here's a link to the article:

 That's because Governor Walker's Politics of Resentment in addtion to nearly 3 billion dollars in cumulative cuts to public education funding has made teaching in Wisconsin a very unattractive career in comparison to other STEM careers requiring rigorous college coursework. Starting salaries of beginning science, math, and technical education teachers in Walker's Wisconsin are less than half of comparable non-teaching STEM careers, and the difference in earnings capability accelerates with time as teaching in Wisconsin has essentially become a "dead-end job" with little growth in salaries throughout a teacher's career. Little wonder that many teachers leaving the teaching profession in Walker's Wisconsin are teachers with 10-15 years of experience who cannot continue earning potential in the flat-line salary conditions of Walker's Wisconsin.  

For career salaries that are tens of thousands of dollars less than career salaries in surrounding states, teachers in Walker's Wisconsin work in overcrowded classrooms of 30+ students, endure rampant disrepect from many students and parents alike, and are scapegoated by the public for the performance of schools that are suffering from nearly 3 billion dollars in cumulative funding cuts.

So if you are a college student who likes science, math, or technical education and are thinking about becoming a high school teacher in these areas, listen to your parents and DON"T BECOME A TEACHER IN WALKER"S WISCONSIN.

Admit it, your parents are right most of the time.  They are 100% right when they tell you not to become a teacher.  Seriously. 

Still not convinced??  Contact a couple of your old high school teachers whose work inspired you to consider a teaching career. Ask them if they would still choose teaching as a career. Most are going to tell you "NO" and encourage you choose another career, or tell you that if you DO become a teacher, to take your talents and leave Walker's Wisconsin immediately upon graduation. Why?

There's a good reason why there is a severe teacher shortage in Walker's Wisconsin. Governor Walker's Politics of Resentment have made Walker's Wisconsin a very undesirable place to teach and live as a teacher . Your parents only want the best for you. That's why so few parents want their children to pursue a teaching career, especially a teaching career in Walker's Wisconsin.