Republicans Have Destroyed Public Education in Wisconsin. If You Love Teaching, You Have to Leave Wisconsin ASAP !!

After ten years of a Republican dictatorship in Walker's Wisconsin, teaching is nothing more than a low-paid dead end job.


We urge EVERY teacher who wants a better future for themselves and their families to FLEE this state and build a career in one of the many states that values public education and the teachers that pour their hearts into educating our youth.

Ten years of a gerrymandered Republican dictatorship in Walker's Wisconsin has destroyed one of the best systems of public education in America. In 2010, aided by BILLIONS of dollars in dark-money campaign contributions, Wisconsin voters embraced the "Divide and Conqueor" Republican platform and voted a CORRUPT Republican cabal into the Legislature & Governor's office.  The first actions of this Republican cabal was to demonize public educators as "overpaid, lazy thugs" whose high salaries and benefits were responsible for a nearly 3 billion dollar state deficit. The deficit was actually caused by massive tax cuts for the wealthy 1% Republican donor class, but with supportive allies in the mainstream media, Wisconsin Republicans successfully demonized all public school teachers and made teachers the MOST HATED and REVILED Wisconsin residents.

Act 10 wiped out 50 years of improvements to teachers' salaries and working conditions. Republicans also decimated funding for public education to pay for massive tax cuts that disproportionately benefitted the top 1% (Repubican donors) in Wisconsin. 

The gerrymandered Republican Dictatorship that rules with an iron fist has made Walker's Wisconsin the WORST state in American to work as a public school teacher. 

In 2011 & 2012, thousands of teachers lost their careers due to BILLIONS of dollars in funding cuts. During the ensuing years, thousands more teachers have either been driven out of Wisconsin due to BLACKLISTING, or have chosen to escape the repressive working conditions.

  • Since 2011, the Republican Dictatorship that rules Walker's Wisconsin has cut public education funding by nearly 4 BILLION dollars-the LARGEST cuts of any state in America. 
  • Walker's Wisconsin is the ONLY state in America that provides LESS state funding for public education in 2020 than it did before Republicans took over in 2011.
  • Walker's Wisconsin has the LOWEST State Aid for Special Education students in America.  
  • While decimating financial aid to public schools, Wisconsin Republicans have increased aid to unaccountable private & voucher schools by 68%, and reimburse Special Education students at voucher schools at a FAR HIGHER amount than public schools.


Why Do We Encourage Teachers to Leave Wisconsin?

Things are NEVER going to change. The Republican Dictatorshipt that controls Walker's Wisconsin is SO gerrymandered in place that it would take a nearly 80% Democratic vote to gain a BARE majority of legislative seats. Eveny election, hundreds of millions of dollars from Koch backed groups funds Republican candidates at every level, buys judges throughout the state, and even has bought the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Even when Wisconsin voters turned out Governor Walker & the Republican Attorney General in 2018, Republicans quickly passed "lame duck" laws that stripped 95% of the powers from the elected Democratic Governor & Attorney General. (The Queen of England has MORE legislative power than the Wisconsin Governor) The Wisconsin Supreme Court, the best court that money can buy, rubber-stamped all the lame duck laws that stripped power from the Governor elected by a majority of Wisconsin voters.

Right now in Wisconsin, Republican front groups backed by hundreds of millions of dollars in Koch-affiliated financing are working on voter supression schemes to remove hundreds of thousands of Democrat-leaning voters from the registered voter rolls. There is no level to which the Republican cabal will not go in order to maintain control, including reducing voting locations and hours in counties that tend to vote Democratic, even threatening to monitor polling locations and calling police to detain and arrest voters whose names appear on warrants. 

With so much Republican corruption and voter supression in Wisconsin, things are NEVER going to "swing back" to pre-2011 when Wisconsin fairly funded public education and when Wisconsin students had the #1 or #2 ACT scores in the NATION for 30 years; often switching places with Minnesota. The effects of cutting nearly 4 BILLION dollars from public schools since 2011 is that Wisconsin ACT scores fall EVERY YEAR, now 28th in America, and continuing to fall. With falling test scores across Walker's Wisconsin, the Republican cabal that controls this state has only INCREASED the attacks on teachers. 

Since 2011, the Average Teacher Salary in Walker's Wisconsin has DECLINED more than ANY OTHER state in America.

Republicans are WINNING their war on teachers in Wisconsin, turning teaching into a low paying dead-end job, rather than a professional teaching career.

Whether you are a current teacher in Walker's Wisconsin, studying to be a teacher, or being recruited to teach in a Wisconsin school, YOU NEED TO GET THE HECK OUT OF WALKER"S WISCONSIN ASAP!!!!