Looking for a Teaching Position in Wisconsin?

This website was created by current and former teachers to help the next generation of teachers find the best career opportunities. As 2018 dawns, we can no longer advise most teachers to pursue a teaching career in Walker's Wisconsin. Since 2011, thousands of excellent teachers have fled Walker's Wisconsin or the teaching profession. School districts across Wisconsin are recruiting teachers from across the United States to fill Wisconsin's increasingly empty classrooms. If you are being recruited to teach in Walker's Wisconsin, ask yourself why THOUSANDS of Wisconsin's teachers have left the state since Governor Walker and his allies made public school teachers the most hated people in Wisconsin.

From our research tracking the changes that districts made to compensation and benefits since Act 10,  we estimate that only 1 out of 10 school districts in Walker’s Wisconsin have salary systems and working conditions that encourage teachers to stay and build a career.  With the odds of working in a good district so stacked against teachers, we now encourage all younger teachers to flee Walker’s Wisconsin as soon as possible, definitely within their first five years of teaching. 

We call this career plan the “Five and Flee” program.

We hope that you will find the information on this website helpful to:

  • Find one of the 10% of school districts that are still great places to teach.
  • Find which districts FIRE teachers after only one parent complaint.
  • Find which districts have school board members that regularly use Board meetings to disparage teachers,  calling teachers pieces of s##t,  idiots, and threatening to line them up and beat them with a 2X4 if test scores didn’t rise.  (mainstream behavior towards teachers in Walker’s Wisconsin)
  • Learn that Teacher Merit Pay = Dead End Job in Walker’s Wisconsin
  • Find out which districts have massive turnover rates, often in excess of 75% since Act 10. (low pay, mean administrators, rabid teacher hating communities.  Terrible places to teach and live.


Following are the teaching and living conditions for teachers in Walker's Wisconsin:

  • As a teacher in Walker’s Wisconsin, you will spend the rest of your life apologizing for earning a $50,000 per year salary.
  • Don’t even think about driving a vehicle under five years old in Walker’s Wisconsin, without having to endure daily harassment from community members that resent any economic gains or success that teachers are able to achieve. 
  • In Walker’s Wisconsin; teachers have been non-renewed after displaying the “wrong” campaign sign on their front yard or for destroying a Walker campaign sign.

We hope you find the information  that we have compiled on this website useful in finding one of the 10% of districts in Walker’s Wisconsin that are still good places to teach or cementing your decision to flee Walker's Wisconsin.